Corebodywork —  your inner and outer health are one!

Is an accident, an injury, a crisis of any sort, just random? Or does it have meaning in your life, revealing guidance personally tailored to you, about deeply held, limiting beliefs you are unaware that you hold? Could the crisis actually be a blessing in this way, and your doorway to meaningful, fulfilling living? Could emotional healing support your physical healing, and vice versa?


In my work with you, these crisis moments, whether large or small, mundane or unique, provide important clues to your path in this life. I work in the unified field of mind, body and spirit, as Spiritual Director/Pathwork Helper and licensed bodyworker[1].


Your body, mind and spirit are working together all the time and do not know themselves as separate; only the mind carries this idea. As you experience yourself nonverbally through your body, you begin to reawaken to this unity. Confidence, integrity, presence in your body arise in your awareness and strengthen your sense of self from within – your real self – gradually taking the place of the outer-directed and socialized personality. You become more your true nature, which is a gift to Life.


As you use your mind to explore within, or as your body is moved, you discover places of physical discomfort that may actually be or contain nonverbal places of feeling. When allowed without judgment to move, they can dissipate and often translate into sounds or words that exactly express the feeling. The body no longer has to carry this repressed feeling, which caused pain, restriction, or forced other parts of the body to compensate. You gain freedom of movement.

[1] Certified Zero Balancer continuously since 2006, Licensed Massage Therapist by Iowa Dept of Health continuously since 2000, certified by National Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork continuously since 2000. Formally trained in Pathwork by Great Lakes Pathwork, Ann Arbor, MI, 2001-2012; claimed Helpership 2012.


Certified with the following organizations:



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